Family Services

Through the Family Services Program, the Cheyenne River Youth Project® continues our mission to serve youth by supporting their parents, grandparents and other relatives. With basic needs secured, parents and guardians are better able to give their children the guidance they need. Families purchase a yearly Membership for $30, which includes all household members, to receive first access to emergency hygiene products, household items such as cleaning materials and furniture, clothing, school supplies and diapers. There are Community Events for our members and members may also apply for our Heat Assistance program during the winter and summer months respectively. Members also have access to our Winter Clothing Drive, School Supplies Drive, Christmas Toy Drive as well as Other Services. 



In an effort to empower our families and place their future in their own hands, CRYP offers a membership program, whereby families of our youth participants pay an annual fee of $30 to have access to special services and supplies. Learn more about Family Services Membership.

Community Events

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Heat Assistance

South Dakota winters can be very harsh and many families suffer through, unable to pay the high costs of propane to keep their homes heated. The Cheyenne River Youth Project® has created the Heat Assistance Program to help families stay on top of their heating bills during the winter months. Learn more about Heat Assistance.

Winter Clothing Drive

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School Supplies Drive

CRYP organizes an annual School Supply Drive, to ensure that students in our community can enter the new school year completely outfitted for success with notebooks, loose-leaf paper, folders, binders, pens, pencils, glue sticks and colored markers. Learn more about the School Supplies Drive.

Christmas Toy Drive

For many years now, the Cheyenne River Youth Project®has been bringing joy to families on Christmas day through our annual Christmas Toy Drive. The Christmas Toy Drive is not just about the gifts that children receive under their tree – it is about the gift of hope and wishes fulfilled. Learn more about the Christmas Toy Drive.

Other Services

The Family Services Program also provides many other services and assistance programs, some of which are seasonal or annual. Learn more about Other Services.





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